BSc in Horticultural Engineering

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BSc in Horticultural Engineering

To train experts in horticulture, who are able to manage and organize production processes of an enterprise, and perform basic professional management and advisory tasks; who are able to establish private self-supporting horticultural farms, and operate them economically; who have adequate knowledge in the field of distribution, processing and storing of products; furthermore who have adequate theoretical knowledge for continuing the training in the second cycle.

The Purpose of the Program

Program for training agrarian professionals in higher education, who is…

  • aquainted with the Hungarian and European agriculture as well as with food industry,
  • trained for modern professional skills based on comprehensive knowlegde in natural and social sciences,
  • capable for the managment and organization of horticultural production lines and for leading horticultural enterprises,
  • able to complete issues of the agrarian policy administration and for the tasks of a professional consultant,
  • acquainted with the recent results of the profession and utilizes them in the practice,
  • eligible for participating in master programs, based on his knowledge,
  • capable to establish professional relationships with foreign experts with his proper language skills,
  • intended to improve permanently his own attainments

Course Specifications

  • full time and correspondence courses
  • trainings in full time course in Hungarian or in English language
  • the study period is 7 semesters
  • tuition fee in English language: 2000 EURO/ semester (2 semesters must be paid in advance)


  • Fruit growing
  • Horticultural biotechnology
  • Medicinal plant production
  • Nursery operations
  • Ornamental plant production
  • Plant breeding
  • Vegetable growing
  • Viticulture

What the degree of a Horticultural Engineer is used for?

  • for the establishment and management of individual or family enterprises in horticulture
  • for holding a position of a manager or an executive manager in horticultural ventures
    • for job opportiunities at organizations of agrar policy administration as well as at agrarian or horticultural companies
    • for positions at professional associations or as a professional consultant.

How to continue after Bachelor Studies?

  • one may proceed to master studies (MSc) in Hungary or abroad
  • with MSc degree, there is a possibility to apply for doctoral (PhD) degree studies
  • professional translator degree can also be achieved with BSc
  • specialized professional knowledge is also available in postgraduate trainings

Sample Curriculum - BSc
Application form for specialization
Practices, field trips 2021/2022 Spring semester